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Friday, May 25, 2012

Juicing in Advance

Life gets busy and juicing can get time consuming!  That is why it is wonderful to be able to juice in advance.  You can set aside time to make juice for the entire day or for the next few days.  If stored properly, juice stays good for 72 hours. 

How to Make Juice in Advance

1.  Go out and buy some mason jars.  There are various sizes but I prefer to use the 16 oz/ pint size mason jars for this.  Mason jars are sold every where.  I have found them for a good price at Walmart.

2.  Wash and Cut up all of your veggies and fruits.  I separate them into mason jar serving sizes.  Here is a recipe for a 16 oz serving of green juice- 1 cucumber, 6 celery stalks, 2 apples, 4 bunches of spinach, 4 leaves of kale or half a romaine lettuce (if no kale available).  That recipe makes exactly 16 oz.

3.  Juice right into the mason jar.  Place the lid tightly on the jar immediately after juicing.  This is important because you want to prevent oxidation.  Since you have juiced the fruits and veggies, their nutrients are released into the juice and if oxidation takes place there is a loss of some those nutrients.

4. Place the mason jar in the fridge.  It will stay fresh for 72 hours.

5.  Drink at your convenience without having to bring out the juicer or have to wash it afterwards!



- Do not make any juices that contain oranges in advance because they don't taste very good after the first few hours.

- After a few batches of juice, check your juicer's pulp collector.  It may get full and start to get pulp in into the juice dispenser area.  Also, if you notice the juicer struggling a bit after several batches.  Turn it off, wait for it to stop spinning, and check the blade and extractor because it may have accumulated too much pulp residue.

- Lemon helps to prevent juice oxidation.  Add half of a lemon to your juice!

-When on the go, pack a lunch bag that you can place a jar of juice in with some freezer packs.


  1. do you have to fill the juice to the top of the jar no air for this to work?

  2. Hi! No you do not have to fill the jar to the top as long as it is closed tightly it should be fine :)
    Happy Juicing!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this!!!! I've been wanting to go on a juice fast after seeing fat, sick, nearly dead documentary. But I work full time and thought it would be impossible to bring to the office. You've shown me the way! Thank you, btw you look great! Love your blog!

    1. Thank you! Juicing in advance is the perfect way to juice fast on a busy schedule. Plus it beats washing the juicer over and over!
      Happy Juicing,